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Fort Service Platforms – 48º Easy Slope

Size W x D x H mm: 960-x-2058-x-1580

No of Treads: 2

Platform Height mm: 500

SKU: MSP9302


Size W x D x H mm: 960-x-2283-x-1830

No of Treads: 3

Platform Height mm: 750

SKU: MSP9303


Size W x D x H mm: 960-x-2508-x-2080

No of Treads: 4

Platform Height mm: 1000

SKU: MSP9304


Size W x D x H mm: 980-x-2805-x-2330

No of Treads: 5

Platform Height mm: 1250

SKU: MSP9305


Size W x D x H mm: 1030-x-3030-x-2580

No of Treads: 6

Platform Height mm: 1500

SKU: MSP9306


Size W x D x H mm: 1080-x-3255-x-2830

No of Treads: 7

Platform Height mm: 1750

SKU: MSP9307


Size W x D x H mm: 1130-x-3480-x-3080

No of Treads: 8

Platform Height mm: 2000

SKU: MSP9308


Size W x D x H mm: 1180-x-3705-x-3330

No of Treads: 9

Platform Height mm: 2250

SKU: MSP9309


Size W x D x H mm: 1230-x-3471-x-3930

No of Treads: 10

Platform Height mm: 2500

SKU: MSP9310


Product Details

Mobile service platforms with large platform, wide treads and easy 48 degree angle slope to allow user easier descent. Ideal for access to mezzanine floors and for servicing machinery.

  • Choose from 9 sizes
  • No of treads: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10
  • Platform height: 500 – 2500mm
  • Extra wide platform size: 800mm(w) x 1700mm(d)
  • Extra wide treads: 750mm(w) x 182mm(d)
  • Standard slope 54 degree angle for use in areas where space is limited
  • Rail hooks and platform extensions available
  • Easy slope 48 degree angle which is for use in areas where there is space available, enabling the user to turn around & descend the stairs facing forward
  • Fitted with grip lift mechanism to facilitate movement on the castors
  • Expanded steel mesh treads & platform
  • Mobile on 2 x 200mm rubber wheels and 2 x 125mm rubber castors
  • Complete with fixed handrail at the end of the platform & 1 hook-on platform handrail (handrail with centre rail for 2 to 6 treat units and handrail with centre & toe rail for 7 to 10 treads)

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