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Health and safety is fundamental to Storage Systems Limited and as a part of our services we can help you and your company with Health, Safety and Environmental issues.
We can:

  • Carry out fully detailed inspections of your storage equipment in accordance with legislation
  • Help assess and document any risk factors
  • Provide full structural calculations and documentation
  • Give guidance on health and safety legislation

Whichever storage solution we develop for you, it will be designed, manufactured and installed to the latest health & safety standards and requirements. There are clear ethical and legal reasons for having robust health and safety principles, however, Storage Systems Ltd also recognise the positive impact it has on the overall performance of the business.  There are distinct advantages for providing a safe and healthy working environment for our staff, reducing instances of accidents and ill health. It is critical we maintain appropriate levels of resources to ensure our health and safety principles are maintained within the organisation as this area is of prime importance to us. A positive culture is encouraged within the Company and is actively supported by senior management. As our business evolves we adapt and change our processes to ensure health and safety standards and considerations are met.

SEMA Approved Distributor Company:

Storage Systems Limited are pleased to announce that we have successfully passed the criteria of our recent SEMA audit and are now a SEMA Distributor Company. The SEMA Distributor Company (SDC) qualification indicates that the company is dedicated to  the supply of quality storage equipment. To become part of the SEMA Distributor Group (SDG) the company must demonstrate a high level of commitment to safety standards, work to industry codes of practice and be regulated by a random audit.

The SEMA profile is awarded to Distributor Companies who meet specific qualification criteria and who commit to raising Safety and Technical standards across our industry. This will enable us to further identify ourselves as a quality business that is capable of supporting clients who demand and expect high quality standards from their suppliers. To ensure this high standard is maintained we will be audited by SEMA every couple of years to ensure with operate to the highest standards.

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