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Delivering the highest quality

At Storage Systems Ltd we set the standard when it comes to delivering the highest quality products. Whichever storage solution we develop for you, it will be designed, manufactured and installed to the latest quality standards and requirements. Quality is at the heart of Storage Systems Ltd corporate culture and the Company is fully committed to providing a high quality product and service offering in everything we do.  We strive to provide our Customers with excellent service before, during and after the sale of one of our many storage products, always with an aim to exceed expectations.

Our quality in business processes

Storage Systems Ltd is committed to continuous improvement through a policy of ongoing investment in training and technology, which is augmented by the very best technical support and management expertise. We hold the recognised quality registration ISO 9001:2015 which incorporates the design, provision and installation of our Racking & Shelving Systems for Industrial and Commercial Sectors. With our design teams working to recognised national and in-house design codes our customers can be sure every effort has been made to ensure quality is delivered.

Product Quality

Our products are characterized by their solid construction and the finishing is perfect down to the smallest detail. That is why our storage systems meet important international quality standards, granted by independent experts.


The SEMA profile is awarded to Distributor Companies who meet specific qualification criteria and who commit to raising Safety and Technical standards across our industry. SEMA Distributor Group (SDG) qualification indicates that the company is dedicated to the supply of quality storage equipment. To become part of the SEMA Distributor Group the company must demonstrate a high level of commitment of safety standards, work to industry codes of pratice and be regulated by a ramdon audit. The SEMA profile is awarded to Distributor Companies who meet specific qualification criteria and who commit to raising Safety and Technical standards across our industry. This will enable us to further identify ourselves as a quality business that is capable of supporting clients who demand and expect high quality standards from their suppliers. To ensure this high standard is maintained we will be audited by SEMA every couple of years to ensure with operate to the highest standards.


The European Racking Federation (ERF) is the FEM Racking and Shelving Product Group and represents the interests of manufacturers of these products across Europe. The objects of FEM is to represent, promote and protect the interests of European racking, shelving and related products industry and establish sources of information and encourage and develop best practice.


Electrical systems must be legally as safe as possible. In Europe, the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC was established for this purpose. In this Directive, the requirements for our products are described in a product-specific standard, EN 15095. To get a CE mark, documented evidence that the product complies with the relevant requirements must be available. Our sales organizations provide a CE declaration of conformity with the schedule to indicate the product complies with standards and a legally binding signature, which undersigns and guarantees our responsibility.


The GS certification ensures that products comply with German and (if available) European safety guidelines. GS stands for Geprüfte Sicherheit (tested safety). Whether products conform to European safety standards, and are tested and controlled by a government-approved, independent body.


The RAL certificate guarantees the overall quality and safety of our storage systems. The standards for compliance with RAL are determined independently from a supplier. The standards are administered by the German Institute for Product Control and Certification (German Institute for Quality und Kennzeichnung eV).

The quality is regularly monitored by an independent body. Every product is checked several times a year. Inspections take place in the factory and on site. It also includes inspections of installed products.


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the leading organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. IEC 60950 ensures the security of IT equipment with AC power or batteries, including business equipment and associated equipment, with a nominal voltage of less than 600 volts.